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Monday, October 12, 2015

It's not all the Arabs but it sure seems like it

It's been a very difficult day in Jerusalem, one best symbolized by this bicycle, belonging to 13-year old Naor ben Rut, who was stabbed today while riding it in Jerusalem's Pisgat Zev neighborhood, and who is now fighting for his life at a local hospital.

Naor was stabbed by one of two brothers who went on a stabbing spree together.
It seems like they're all terrorists. But they're not. The problem is that their leadership is made up of terrorists, who are abetted by the Israeli and international Left.

Over dinner tonight, Mrs. Carl described an Israel Radio interview last week with an Arab woman who teaches in an Israeli school in Bnei Brak of all places. The interviewer kept trying to get the woman - whose husband teaches in an Arab school - to say something horrible about Israelis and/or Jews.

But the woman wasn't biting. She said that she would never say or advocate for such foolish things, because she wishes to live in Israel and in peace with Jews. She doesn't need or want a 'Palestinian state' and her husband feels the same way.

Unfortunately, there's a family in Beit Hanina that feels differently. They taught their two sons to murder Jews, and one of them is now dead.

Meanwhile, a Jewish boy from Pisgat Zev fights for his life.

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Jordan's future 'uncertain'

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told a group of college students this week that the future of the Jordanian monarchy is 'uncertain.'
Any lasting peace deal is probably out of reach until Israel and the Palestinians "know what happens in Syria and will Jordan remain stable," Clinton said in an exchange with college students and others in Mount Vernon, Iowa.
It is very rare for American leaders to acknolwedge that the Western-oriented monarchy in Jordan, a key U.S. partner in the Middle East and powerful peace broker, may fall. The monarchy escaped the tumult of the Arab Spring and is atempting reforms, but its future is an open question, as Clinton intimated.
Jordan was the second Arab state to make peace with Israel, after Egypt, and is an important go-between with Palestinians and other Sunni Arab states.
According to Jordanian opposition leader Mudar Zahran, Clinton's statement was based on a report circulating in Washington, and did not come from nowhere.

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Breaking: ISIS leader al-Baghdadi dead? UPDATED

The claim is that he was killed this morning when Iran bombed an ISIS convoy in Iraq. Stay tuned.


Or maybe it wasn't Baghdadi.

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Car bomb at Maaleh Adumim checkpoint was meant to be suicide attack in Jerusalem

I've been offline the entire weekend, because I have not had my own computer since last Tuesday and have not been able to coordinate enough time on Mrs. Carl's computer to work and blog. I'm now using a borrowed computer, but have hopes of getting mine back tonight or tomorrrow morning.

This morning, a 31-year old 'Palestinian' woman (trying to preserve family honor?) became a splodydope at the checkpoint between Maaleh Adumim and Jerusalem. Here's Jerusalem police commander Mickey Rosenfeld.
Jebel Mukaber is a neighborhood in Jerusalem that has produed a number of terrorists.

But here's what she really wanted to do.
And here's the 'lightly injured' (yes, that's how the authorities classifed this) hero who stopped her:
In the meantime, bli ayin hara (warding off evil eyes), it's been (relatively) quiet in Jerusalem today after two more stabbing attacks on Saturday.

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Thursday, October 08, 2015

It's come to this: If you live in Jerusalem, please keep your doors locked

When I came home from my daily Talmud class this morning, my 16-year old, who was home alone, told me he answered a knock on our door about 20 minutes earlier to find two SWAT team (Yassam) police standing in the doorway. They asked if any Arabs had come to our doorway and he said no.

It seems that two 'Palestinians' had walked into the unlocked apartments of two other families in our building claiming that they were working on the 'water infrastructure.'

The police eventually found their targets and whisked them out of the neighborhood.

If you live in Jerusalem, please keep your doors locked.

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And again: 20-year old Israeli stabbed by 15-year old 'Palestinian' terrorist outside Israel National Police Headquarters - UPDATED WITH NAME

Within the last hour, a 20-year old Israeli was stabbed in the neck and critically wounded by a 15-year old 'Palestinian' terrorist outside Israel's National Police Headquarters.
Each individual incident isn't exactly something you can anticipate. But so far, it's much more a police action than an army action that seems necessary to stop it.


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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

State Department denies threatening Israel over 'settlement' construction

The State Department has denied reports that it has threatened Israel with non-use of its UN veto if Israel pursues 'settlement' construction.
Deputy State Department Spokesman Mark Toner said that while his office was aware of such reports in the press, they were “false.” 
“Our position on settlements is well known and hasn’t changed,” he said. “We convey it regularly to the Israeli Government. I know we don’t generally comment on private conversations, but I’d like to nip that story in the bud. We haven’t issued any kind of ultimatum on this.” 
Toner emphasized that far from issuing any such ultimatum regarding a UN resolution, “there’s not even a resolution out there right now.” 
At a meeting of Israel’s security cabinet on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected calls by senior ministers for construction in Jewish settlements in the West Bank in response to an increase in Palestinian terrorism. 
According to Channel 2, Netanyahu refusal to authorize new construction was due to a purported Obama administration warning that the US wouldn’t necessarily veto a French-sponsored resolution at the United Nations Security Council. 
Washington’s reported threat to not veto the motion at the UN came shortly after a Politico report which said US President Barack Obama had rejected multiple calls by a top Democratic senator that he speak out publicly against a Palestinian statehood resolution at the United Nations. 
Obama’s refusal, the report said, “highlights how wide the gulf between the Obama administration and Israeli government has become.” The rebuff “unfolded in the context of a personal relationship between Obama and Netanyahu that’s become highly toxic, poisoning US-Israeli relations more widely.” 
In March, the administration signaled that it would reevaluate its automatic-veto policy at the UN, after Netanyahu asserted in a pre-election interview that there would be no Palestinian state during his tenure.
Let's just say that I would not put it past this administration to withhold the veto - certainly on a resolution condemning 'settlement' construction, and even on a resolution calling for a 'Palestinian state' and holding out the threat of sanctions under Article VII of the United Nations charter.

It's that bad.

What could go wrong?

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And the terror goes on....

I'm not sure exactly where this is in the Old City, but it's definitely not the Arab market.

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Make that four terror attacks today

How much longer will we put up with this?

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Oh my: Large amounts of oil discovered on Golan Heights

Well, this ought to excite the 'international community.'
After more than a year of round-the-clock drilling, large amounts of oil have been found on the Golan Heights. Estimates are that the amount of oil discovered will make Israel self sufficient for very many years to come. 
Afek Oil and Gas chief geologist Dr. Yuval Bartov told Channel 2 News, "We are talking about a strata which is 350 meters thick and what is important is the thickness and the porosity. On average in the world strata are 20-30 meters thick, so this is ten times as large as that, so we are talking about significant quantities. The important thing is to know the oil is in the rock and that's what we now know." 
Three drillings have so far taken place in the southern Golan Heights which have found large reserves of oil. Potential production is dramatic - billions of barrels, which will easily provide all Israel's oil needs. Israel consumes 270,000 barrels of oil per day. 
Although the existence of the oil in the ground is a fact, the critical phase now is to check how easily it can be extracted and whether it involves high production costs. In a period of very low oil prices, extraction will have to be relatively cheap to make exploitation of the field profitable.
Once again, the Golda Meir quip about Moses taking us to the one place in the Middle East that doesn't have oil is proven wrong. Yet another reason to be glad that Rabin, Barak and Netanyahu (all of whom tried) did not give the Golan back to Syria.

I wonder if there's any on the Syrian side. They'd have to stop shooting to find out....

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Breaking: Terror attack in Kiryat Gat, third attack of day - UPDATED

Here we go....
It seems non-stop although this is the first recent one outside Jerusalem. This morning, a 'Palestinian' woman stabbed an Israeli man in the back near the Western Wall plaza. He too was shot, and both were taken to Hadassah Ein Karem hospital (only in Israel). Here's my critique of how Maan reported that story (I can tweet from my phone, hence there are a lot more tweets than posts):
And here's Josh Hasten describing the first attack of the morning in which seven cars were damaged and at least one person was hurt by stone throwers on the Tekoa - Har Homa road.

Let's go to the videotape.

The terrorists tried to pull a woman from her car, but she escaped, and was taken to the hospital, lightly wounded.


Here's video of the Kiryat Gat terrorist being chased down and shot.

Let's go to the videotape.

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For those wondering where I've been...

The computer is once again on the fritz. It's with the technician who will hopefully wipe it out, reformat it and reinstall Windows. In the meantime, I am using Mrs. Carl's computer today (she's working outside the house today), but I have three days' worth of work to make up....

And yes, I plan to buy a new computer on my next trip to the US, whenever that might be (yes, of course I know when the next scheduled trip is....).

And by the way, I don't think I have a worm but one never knows.


Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Former NSA official joins chorus accusing Obama of ordering Kerry and Power to miss Netanyahu speech

As those who follow me on Twitter know, I've been trying to get AP's Matt Lee to question the State Department on Secretary Kerry's and Ambassador Power's absences from Prime Minister Netanyahu's UN speech on Thursday.
Now, I have more ammunition. Over the weekend, I had retweeted this tweet.
Rick Grenell was for years the spokesman at the US Mission to the UN and is a very well-informed observer according to former National Security official Elliott Abrams (Hat Tip: Abu Yehuda).
Think of how petty that instruction, which can only have come from the White House, really is. To sit in the seat and listen to Netanyahu isn’t endorsing his remarks, it is the politeness we owe an ally. Deliberate absence recalls the years in which dozens of delegations, Arab and “Third World,” would leave the chamber when any Israeli rose to speak. This administration is still griping about diplomatic errors Netanyahu has made, but a refusal to have the US ambassador listen to his speech is petty and damaging, hinting to anti-Israel delegations that the United States may be willing to let all sorts of anti-Israel measures go without opposition or criticism.
This is a low point for seven years of Obama diplomacy. I’ll admit to surprise that Kerry, who appears to value diplomatic niceties greatly (and arguably too much) let this happen. But perhaps he knew nothing about it or was overruled by the White House.
As for Samantha Power, one has to wonder what was running through her mind when she was instructed to stay away. Is this really why she left the academic and intellectual life– to be used by the Obama administration to insult and damage Israel?
Abrams gives Power too much credit - she's an Israel hater too. But his criticism of Obama's pettiness (which we've seen many times before) is spot-on.

You might all want to retweet the tweet below (and this post) to see if we can get Matt to hit the State Department on Power's (and Kerry's) absence.

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Security cabinet likely to adopt these proposed actions from Netanyahu on 'Palestinian' terrorism

Israel's security cabinet is meeting tonight and the Prime Minister's Office has released a list of proposed measures it is likely to adopt (via Chico Menashe):

Terrorists' homes will be destroyed. The Prime Minister has charged the Attorney General to find a way to shorten the legal procedures for doing so.

Increased forces in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem as necessary. Thousands of police have already been added in Jerusalem and hundreds more will be added. The police will enter deeply into 'east' Jerusalem neighborhoods and no one will be exempt because of his location.

The status quo on the Temple Mount will be maintained.

No Israeli citizens will be allowed to take the law into their own hands.

Advancing the paving of bypass roads.

Use of administrative detention against rioters.

The Prime Minister demanded forceful action against inciters, including those on social media.

The Prime Minister demanded the prosecution of bystanders and shopkeepers who did not help the terror victims in the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday night and even injured them (see the video two posts down).

Netanyahu: "We will not tolerate a situation where a Jewish woman has been stabbed and not only do bystanders not help her, they curse and even kick her. Those people will be brought to justice."

Expediting the adoption of laws that will hold minors and their parents criminally liable for throwing stones, Molotov cocktails and fireworks.

Rah, rah etc.
Sorry, but I don't see much new here. What's missing is IDF activity against the root causes of the terror - the terror organizations. Many organizations have rushed to take credit for the attacks over the last few days. The leadership of those organizations should be meeting up with hellfire missiles. The sooner the better.

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