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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Kerry canceled trip to Israel after he realized no one was interested

Even US Secretary of State John FN Kerry may finally understand that there is no hope for the 'peace process' right now.
One of the ministers at Thursday’s meeting told Haaretz that the confrontation represents a deep rift between segments of the coalition on the Palestinian issue. Livni and Finance Minister Yair Lapid are pushing for talks, but are in the minority. “As opposed to what is commonly thought, policy on the peace process is what could threaten the stability of the coalition, not the 2015 budget,” the minister said.
Although Netanyahu has been speaking recently about a “new diplomatic horizon” as a result of the war in Gaza, during Thursday’s cabinet meeting and other interviews he gave on television Friday, the prime minister seems to identify completely with Ya’alon’s position. He does not seem to be planning any significant diplomatic initiative vis–à–vis the Palestinians.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who sent feelers out to Netanyahu over the past two weeks as to the possibility of taking advantage of the end of the war to renew talks with the Palestinians, has also realized this. A senior Israeli official said that Kerry had even been considering coming to Israel this week to hold talks with Netanyahu and Abbas, but that he abandoned the idea after he realized that neither Netanyahu nor Abbas had any interest in talks at this time.
Gen. John Allen, who was over the past year his representative on security arrangements in the West Bank following the establishment of a Palestinian state, was sent by Kerry to Israel last week. Allen is considering stepping down from his position due to the diplomatic standstill, but Kerry asked to go to Israel once more before he made his final decision to see if there was any chance of renewing talks.
A senior Israeli official said that Allen met with Netanyahu and Ya’alon, hearing messages even more hawkish than in the past. They message they conveyed to the general is that their lesson from the war in Gaza is that the IDF has to have freedom of action in the West Bank and not only along the Jordan River.
The pair made clear to Allen that the main focus of dialogue with the PA had to be mainly the Gaza Strip and not a diplomatic arrangement in the West Bank that included the presenting of maps and the drawing of borders.
Netanyahu and Ya’alon told Allen they wanted him to continue his work on security arrangements taking into consideration the increasing threat from the Islamic State. The prime minister and the defense minister want to see the return of the PA Presidential Guard to the Rafah and the border crossing with Egypt, as well as PA involvement in the rehabilitation of the Gaza Strip, and payment of salaries to Gaza officials. “Let’s see how Abu Mazen [Abbas] does first of all in Gaza and then we’ll talk about other things,” they told Allen.
If Kerry really wanted to get the 'peace process' going again, he could do something very simple. Instead of sending Jen Psaki out to say that he sent Dan Shapiro to shake his fingers at Israel, and to announce that Kerry will be speaking to Netanyahu on Tuesday, Kerry could instead pick up the phone and call  'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen.  He should tell Abu Moron that he's really sorry but since there's no longer a 'peace process' there's no reason for Israel to stop annexing territory, and that Kerry has no basis to tell Israel to stop even if there were a reason. Nothing would bring the 'Palestinians' to the table any more quickly and they might even be willing to negotiate for a change.

What could go wrong?

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About those anti-Israel Holocaust survivors

You've all seen them - the 'Holocaust survivors' who consider themselves great moral authorities and use their 'expertise' to bash Israel. Who are they? Alvin Rosenfield gives us some insight.
What makes the IJSN statement noteworthy, therefore, is not the litany of emotionally-charged accusations against Israel but the identities of those making these accusations. They present themselves as “Survivors,” “Children of survivors,” “Grandchildren of survivors,” “Great-grandchildren of survivors,” and “Other relatives of survivors.”
They total 327 people. Who are they, and what importance, if any, should attach to their proudly proclaimed pedigrees?
If we take their self-descriptions at face value, some (a small number) had been in the Nazi ghettos and camps or claim to have been resistance fighters. Others had been children spirited out of Europe on the Kindertransports or were hidden by Christians during the war. Some say they are “cousins of survivors,” or “friends of survivors,” or “relatives of victims,” or “relatives of many victims,” or the “spouse of a hidden child,” or grandchildren and great-grandchildren of “refugees.” One identifies herself as “the great niece of an uncle who shot himself”; another as a “3rd cousin of Ann [sic] Frank and grand-daughter of NON-survivors.”
The distance from Auschwitz and Treblinka grows as the list grows and, with it, the credibility of those on the list plunges. Nevertheless, all claim some special connection, however remote, to Jewish suffering during the Hitler era, and they expect others to recognize their anti-Israel diatribe as the product of unique insights they now possess by right of such suffering. Invoking the historical and moral weight of the Holocaust by speaking “as Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors,” they apply their presumed authority to the present war between Israel and Hamas and “unequivocally condemn” Israel.
Two thoughts come immediately to mind: Whenever someone begins a sentence with the words “as a Jew…,” what follows is likely to be full of political posturing and should be met with skepticism. The same often holds true when someone opens a sentence with the kindred formula, “as a Holocaust survivor….” On hearing those words, one no doubt is inclined to pay attention to what follows; but as IJSN’s ad demonstrates, the status of Holocaust survivor, let alone the status of the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and other assorted relatives and friends of survivors, carries no special entitlement to superior ethical insight or elevated political awareness.
The signatories to IJSN’s ad, however, invoke just such an entitlement as they ostentatiously pull rank as Holocaust survivors in condemning Israel. In inflating and exploiting a status they regard as privileged, they are guilty of doing precisely what they falsely accuse Elie Wiesel of doing: “manipulating the legacy of the Nazi genocide to justify the unjustifiable.” Their abuse of Jewish suffering for contemporary political ends comes especially to the fore whenever they proudly parade forth their pedigrees as survivors to defame Israel. Some have been doing so for years — way before Gaza. To reflect briefly on just two of them:
Hajo Meyer, whose signature is the very first on the list, is the author of a book entitled “The End of Judaism: An Ethical Tradition Betrayed,” which argues that Zionism and Judaism are radical opposites and incompatible with one another. Meyer equates Zionism with “fascism” and “criminality” and believes that Zionists “have given up everything that has to do with humanity.” “As a confirmed atheist,” he boasts that he “has never been a Zionist.” And as a Holocaust survivor — he was in Auschwitz for 10 months as a young teenager — he is certain that Israelis “have no idea about the Holocaust. They use the Holocaust to implant paranoia in their children.”
In innumerable speeches and interviews (the words quoted here are from interviews on the websites “Intifada: The Voice of Palestine” and the “Electronic Intifada”), he charges Israel with all of the sins that are now part of the standard package of anti-Zionist accusations: the carrying out of willful massacres, ethnic cleansing, racist and apartheid policies, and other “blood and soil” nationalistic actions (“just like the Nazis”). He is so convinced of Israeli wickedness that he can “write up an endless list of similarities between Nazi Germany and Israel.” And what if other Jews object to his smearing the Jewish state with the Nazi brush? Meyer considers it a “high honor” to be put in the company of Jimmy Carter, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein and other prominent opponents of Israel and even jokingly says that he is “very proud” to be called an anti-Semite.
Hedy Epstein, who has also signed on to the Guardian statement, likes garnering public attention as a “survivor,” although whether she is one is debatable. Like Meyer, she was born in Germany in 1924, but she left the country in 1939 on a Kindertransport and spent the war years in Great Britain. Since coming to America in 1948, she has thrown herself into political activism, often on behalf of such celebrated Palestinian causes as the 2008 “freedom flotillas” that were meant to challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza, the “Gaza Freedom March” in Cairo in 2009, and various anti-Israel activities on the West Bank and elsewhere sponsored by the radical International Solidarity Movement.
It’s hardly new that there are Jews who lend their endorsement to causes that prove harmful for most other Jews. There is a long history of such betrayal and the damage it has caused within Jewish communities, so what we are seeing today has an unhappy lineage that dates back over many centuries. One thing, however, is new:
The endorsement of the most reckless charges against Israel — e.g., Israelis are like Nazis and are carrying out a genocide against Palestinians — by members of a people who themselves were victims of the twentieth century’s most determined attempt at genocide is unprecedented and can be hugely harmful unless it is seen for what it is: an unseemly exercise in the spread of propagandistic lies.
Read the whole thing.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

It's a good thing Raed Attar is dead

You might recall that on August 21, Israel eliminated three senior Hamas commanders, one of whom, Raed al-Attar, is pictured above with Gilad Shalit just before Shalit's October 2011 release. It turns out that Attar was a ticking time bomb. Israel's Channel 2 reports that eliminating Attar prevented a deadly paraglider attack that Attar had been planning.
“It could have ended in disaster,” a senior Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency – ISA) offical said of the combined IDF-ISA air strike in Rafah on August 21st that killed Raed Attar, along with Muhammad Abu Shamalah and Muhammed Barhoum.
“Attar’s assassination has disrupted everything,” the official said of the Izzadin al-Kassam chief, who set up a 15-member paragliding squad four years ago.
“Attar and Rafa Salamah (Attar’s aide) made ​​sure to send us to Malaysia to practice paragliding. We went through tunnels from Sinai to Cairo and then took a flight to Malaysia,” cell leader Mohammad Kadara, 28, confessed to Israeli interrogators, after his capture during Operation Protective Edge.
“We practiced in Malaysia for a week on motorized paragliders, and were trained by local instructors,” Kadara said.
The paragliding unit established by Hamas’s military wing was supposed to be the icing on the cake in terms of the organization’s military operations, which were looking for any way to surprise the IDF.
“The plans was to cross the border into Israel with a paraglider, reach an IDF post or settlement near the border, shoot at soldiers and civilians and kill as many Israelis as possible,” Kadara said.
“It’s vitally important that you succeed in carrying out the mission,” Attar told the cell members. “I’ll let you know when you go off and perform the operation,” Attar told them. “It is important for you to be ready at any moment to beat the Zionist enemy.”
Kadara later revealed how he commanded a suicide bombing unit.
“Our goal was to wait for the soldiers to attack tunnels, and then carry out suicide attacks,” Kadara said.
“Before I joined the operation in the Gaza Strip, I passed sniper training, and learned how to fire rockets and mortars,” he told investigators. “I got paid $300 per month for my activity, and practiced firing rockets at an IDF jeep and how to kidnap soldiers.”
Kadara also explained how two attack tunnels were built under an olive grove, that crossed the border into Israel.
“Our goal was to ambush the soldiers who would come to the scene, shoot them and detonate bombs. We planned to abduct soldiers and deliver them through the tunnels. We were two weeks in a tunnel with food: cartons of dates, bread and water. We were kept confidential, and were told not to reveal our activities to anyone,” he said. “An operative would update our families that we were all right.”
IDF troops captured Kadara, and seven cohorts in a firefight, according to the Shin Bet, and the IDF Prosecutor recently filed charges against the suspects in the Southern District Court in Beersheba.
The paragliding story has been reported before (albeit without naming the terrorist). The connection to al-Attar has not. Hmmm.

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Hamas pays tribute to Nahoul the bee

Yes, we are now back in Jerusalem.

You thought that Nahoul the Bee was 'martyred' in 2008. But the truth is that the actor who played Nahoul died during Operation Protective Edge. The Hamas kiddie show Pioneers of Tomorrow, on which 'Nahoul' appeared, paid tribute to the actor as part of Friday's episode.

Let's go to the videotape.

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At least the Israeli government is actually thinking

The timing of an announcement that the government is turning approximately 4,000 dunams (1,000 acres) of land near Gush Etzion into government land (what might be called a taking by eminent domain in the United States) for the Sunday of Labor Day weekend shows that at least someone in the government has their thinking caps on. It slowed the international reaction to a move that would inevitably be unpopular outside of Israel. But now the United States has criticized us, and so has Ban Ki-Moon. Is Netanyahu up to the challenge? This is from the first link.
The IDF on Sunday conferred the status of state land on 4,000 dunams in the Gush Etzion region, thus ending the civil administration’s investigation into the possibility that parcels were private Palestinian property.

The new designation for an area known as Gevaot opens the door for settlers to advance plans to build a fifth city in the West Bank on those dunams.

"We have long made clear our opposition to continued settlement activity," a State Department official said. "This announcement, like every other settlement announcement Israel makes, planning step they approve and construction tender they issue, is counterproductive to Israel's stated goal of a negotiated two-state solution with the Palestinians."

"We urge the government of Israel to reverse this decision," the US official said in Washington.
What if our 'stated goal' were not a 'two-state solution'? What if Netanyahu had the guts to reverse the Bar Ilan speech and say 'We tried. We've been trying for over 20 years. We failed. What we would need to secure us in the event of a two-state solution is much more than the 'Palestinians' are willing to agree to. It's time to move on.' Would Israelis agree?

Based on their political affiliations (at least in polls), the answer ought to be yes. But Israelis have been so conditioned - both by the media and by too many of our own politicians - to the idea that there is no solution other than the 'two-state solution' that much must be done to reverse this boxlike thinking. Perhaps this morning was a start.

I turned on the radio briefly this morning (I've avoided it entirely since we left Jerusalem on Sunday) and heard that Labor party leader Yitzchak Herzog and Meretz party leader Zehava Gal-On said that this is the time to make a big move forward in the 'peace process.' Huh? MK Zev Elkin (Likud) slammed Herzog (Gal-On spoke in response to Elkin) saying that he's out of touch with what Israelis want and that having seen what happened in Gaza, almost no Israelis would agree to taking the chance of turning Judea and Samaria into another Gaza.

Would Netanyahu agree? Would he say so?

By the way, note that the condemnation comes from a 'State Department official' - not Obama or Kerry. Could they finally be getting the idea that this is not the time to push for a 'Palestinian state'?

If you read the whole thing, you will discover that the plan to turn this into a Jewish city has been in place for nearly 30 years. Hmmm....

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CNN interviews journalist who shined spotlight on disproportionate media coverage of Israel

You will recall that last week, I posted a story from Tablet magazine from a former AP journalist in Israel who talked about how the media frames the Middle East narrative. That journalist, Matti Friedman, was interviewed on CNN over the weekend.

Let's go to the videotape.

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Today's edition of separated at birth....

Heh (Hat Tip: Yonatan H).

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Monday, September 01, 2014

Great speech: Israel's ambassador to the UK Daniel Taub visits Bradford

Israel's ambassador to the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub visits Bradford (which George Galloway wanted to make an 'Israel free zone') and blows them away with a great speech.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Renaud Sarda).

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If they had built an economy, they wouldn't have to schnorr

When Hamas and Fatah made their 'unity government,' they didn't bother to ask anyone's permission. After all, they consider themselves 'sovereigns' (when they're not kvetching about being 'occupied'). There's just one small problem: Over the past 20 years, the 'Palestinians' have done nothing - zip - zero to build an economy. Now, they're whining that they're going broke. It seems that you can't keep slapping someone in the face and then come to them to schnorr. The US and even the Arab countries have said enough is enough. No more money for a 'unity government.'
The Palestinian Authority "unity government" with Hamas is totally bankrupt, according to a leading PA minister, who blamed broken promises by America and Arab states for the dire situation.
"The government's budget is below zero, and it's starting to borrow from banks to move forward, because only less than third of donor funds that were scheduled to be received this year arrived," said Shawki Al-Ayasa, Minister of Social Affairs, Agriculture, and Prisoner's Affairs.
"The US has not provided a single penny since Jan. 1, and Europe and Arab states only provided a third of what they were scheduled to give," he lamented to the Bethlehem-based Ma'an news network.
He said Gazan families who had lost their homes as Hamas and other terrorist groups clashed with Israeli forces had received just 300 shekels ($84) in aid.
Boo Hoo. Let Hamas earn the money to pay for reconstruction.  If they stopped using all their money for rockets and terror tunnels, they might even have money to pay for it.

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A different kind of travel

Those of you who are long-time readers probably assumed that yesterday was a travel day. And it was, but not the way I usually travel. Mrs. Carl and I are taking advantage of the fact that today is Labor Day in the US (and therefore I shouldn't have a lot of people looking for work from me) to get away for a couple of days without the children. We are in a zimmer in the southern Galilee (if you're an Israeli you can drop me a private note and I will tell you where - we highly recommend it) and will God willing be back in Jerusalem Tuesday evening - right around lunch time on the east coast.

Posting today and tomorrow will be light as well.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Israel shoots down drone from Syria

The IDF used a Patriot missile to shoot down a Syrian drone over the Golan Heights on Sunday. The drone belonged to the Assad regime and the IDF believes that it's entry into Israel was accidental.
Forces fired a surface-to-air Patriot missile at the drone, which came from the area of Quneitra - which has seen fierce clashes between Syrian rebels and regime forces.
The Israel Defense Forces told the Associated Press that the drone appeared to have belonged to the Syrian military and had flown accidentally into Israeli airspace. 
The IDF said that the drone was identified in Israel's air space and shot down by a ground-to-air Patriot missile. The IDF "will respond to any breach of Israel's sovereignty," Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said.
It is not clear whether the drone was carrying explosives or was sent to photograph aerial images. It is also not clear whether the aircraft was intentionally launched at Israel, or if it was sent in Israel's direction by mistake.

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Diary of a Foreign Minister: US Secretary of State Kerry strongly pro-'Palestine'

A new book by former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr reveals what most of us probably already knew: That US Secretary of State John FN Kerry is strongly pro-'Palestine' anti-Israel (Hat Tip: David W).
In his book, “Diary of a Foreign Minister,” Mr. Carr reveals that Mr. Kerry did little to discourage a U.N. Vote to recognize Palestine as a state, despite American opposition.
Mr. Carr wrote that when he met with Mr. Kerry after the vote, the secretary said Australia’s “yes” vote on a Palestinian state was “fine by him,” Business Insider reported Aug. 22.
He added that Mr. Kerry told him, “If the vote were held today the Israelis wouldn’t get a vote from anyone except themselves.”

In April, Mr. Kerry was caught on tape supporting a separate Palestinian state saying, “A unitary state winds up being an apartheid state with second-class citizens or it end up being a state that destroys the capacity of Israel to be a Jewish state.”
Mr. Carr also revealed that Mr. Kerry had undergone plastic surgery saying he admired Mr. Kerry’s “baby-fresh skin,” but noticed “something about the skin under John Kerry’s eyes, smooth and slightly discolored,” Business Insider reported.
He added that a month later, when he saw Mr. Kerry again, “The surgical scars under his eyes I noticed in April have faded in a triumph of American cosmetic surgery.”
Most pro-Israel administration evah?

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Hamas celebrates victory in Gaza with rally in Ramallah

Hamas celebrated its great 'victory' in Gaza on Saturday with a huge rally in Ramallah.
Thousands of local Arabs took part in the rally, which was organized by the Hamas movement in Ramallah in celebration of the hard-hit terrorist organization's supposed "victory" against Israel in Operation Protective Edge.
The rally, held in the Al-Bireh neighborhood of Ramallah, was entitled "The Pledge of Allegiance and Victory." Hamas leaders and parliamentarians in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) from different parts of Judea and Samaria took part in the celebration, accompanied by leaders of other Palestinian Arab organizations.
Horse-mounted Hamas activists led the rally march, waving Hamas flags and singing the praise of Hamas's "military wing," the Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades.
Children also took part in the "festivities," parading models of the rockets fired in massive barrages by Hamas terrorists at Israeli civilian centers during the terror war, as well as pictures of senior Hamas leaders assassinated by the IDF in targeted airstrikes.
Khalil al-Haya, a senior Hamas leader in Gaza, gave a speech at the rally via telephone in which he emphasized the right to "resistance" against Israel.
The rally is particularly noteworthy because as mentioned above, it occurred in the heart of the PA governmental center of Ramallah.
 What could go wrong?

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Israel extends Gaza fishing area


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Pass the popcorn: Fatah accuses Hamas of stealing humanitarian aid

The Fatah terror group headed by 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen has accused the Hamas terror group of stealing humanitarian aid during the recently completed Operation Protective Edge.
During the war, Fatah and Hamas refrained from criticizing each other and continued to insist that their reconciliation deal, which was signed last April, had not been affected.

But the statement issued by Fatah shows the gap between the two parties remains as wide as ever.

The statement accused Hamas “militias” of committing the ugliest crimes and encroachments during the war against Fatah members in the Gaza Strip.

It said Hamas representatives shot and beat dozens of Fatah members, some of whom were transferred for medical treatment in Ramallah, Hebron and Nablus.

The statement said Hamas also placed more than 300 Fatah members under house arrest, exposing them to Israeli air strikes.

Other Fatah members were kept in Hamas prisons during the war, which also endangered their lives, the statement said.

Fatah said it preferred to remain silent toward the Hamas “crimes” during the war out of keenness to preserve Palestinian unity.

Fatah also accused Hamas of confiscating food and medicine sent to the Gaza Strip from the West Bank and other countries. It said Hamas distributed the aid among its men in mosques and sold some of it in the black market.
Faster... faster....

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'Israeli Arab' MK's attend Hamas victory rally

'Israeli Arab' MK's Hanin Zoabi, Jamal Zahalka and Ibrahim Sarsur attended a Hamas 'victory rally' in a Galilee village on Friday.
Balad MKs Jamal Zehalka and Haneen Zoabi and United Arab list head Ibrahim Sarsur sang the Palestinian national anthem at a "victory rally" for Hamas that was held Friday in the Kabul Regional Council southeast of Akko.

Palestinian flags draped the event, which was held under the banner "Gaza won." Two thousand people attended the event, which was organized by the Monitoring Committee of the Israeli Arab Leadership. A moment of silence was observed for victims of IDF strikes on Gaza.

Zoabi called upon "the occupier" to do some soul searching following Operation Protective Edge. She referred to the Gazan casualties as the "2000 martyrs who were killed among my people."

"The Palestinian resistance and the entire nation in Gaza defeated the military and political targets Israel set for itself," Zoabi told Ynet. "The struggle of our people prevented [Israel] from achieving its goals and that is the result of the war. Israelis must learn the lesson that no military power can defeat a nation that wants to live."
These people sit in the Knesset! It's long past time for Balad to be banned under the law that bans parties that refuse to accept Israel's Jewish or Democratic nature (the only party ever so banned was Rabbi Meir Kahane's Kach party).

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Philippine UNDOF troops escape to Israeli side

A group of Philippine UNDOF (United Nations Disengagement Observer Force) peacekeepers that was captured by Syrian rebels has escaped to Israel. (The picture is from over a year ago).
Thirty-two UN peacekeepers were rescued from Islamist militants who had fired on their post on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights on Saturday, the United Nations said.

Another group of UN soldiers - also from the Philippines - remained trapped by the Islamists who surrounded their positions on Thursday, and a gun battle was ongoing, the UN press office said.


A Reuters cameraman spotted 11 UN armored vehicles returning to their base in Israeli-controlled territory about 12 hours after the peacekeepers came under fire at around 6 a.m. (0400 GMT) on Saturday.

"All 32 Filipino personnel from this position have been extricated and are now safe," the United Nations press office said in a statement issued in New York.

The remaining troops, at a separate border post, were still under mortar and heavy machine gun fire, the statement said.

"The UN peacekeepers returned fire and prevented the attackers from entering the position," it said. Officials in the Philippines have said there were a total of 72 soldiers trapped in the area.

Another 44 UNDOF peacekeepers, from Fiji, were detained by militants 8 km (5 miles) away from the Philippine troops on Thursday and remain missing.
Arutz Sheva adds:
According to reports in Syria, dozens of UN peacekeepers from the Philippines who had been holed up in two military positions in the Syrian Golan escaped io Israel Saturday. The border gates were opened up to let them in.

They had been surrounded by Syrian rebels from the Nusra Front.
Filipino UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights clashed with Syrian rebels Saturday, Defense Minister Voltaire Gazmin said in Manila.
He said in an SMS statement to reporters that the Filipino troops had been "extricated" from one of their two positions but added that another group of Filipino soldiers "is now under attack".
He was referring to two positions on the Golan Heights where more than 70 Filipino troops had previously been surrounded by Syrian rebels.
The peacekeepers were besieged by rebels on Thursday but defied demands that they give up their weapons. On Friday Syrian fighters took 43 Fijian soldiers hostage on the Golan Heights.
Asked if there was a fresh firefight Saturday, Gazmin replied: "Yes".
He said the clash took place at "6am, Syria time," but added that "morale is high" among the troops.
Military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Ramon Zagala later told AFP that "there is still an ongoing standoff but there was a firefight earlier today".
"All our troops are safe," he said, adding that the defense minister and head of the military were monitoring developments. He declined to elaborate further on the incident.
The Fijians are the ones who are really in trouble. They gave up their weapons. 

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Good news: Galloway's mouth shut for a while

British MP George Galloway - who recently tried to make his Bradford district an 'Israel free zone' (he failed) - had his jaw broken by an assailant on a London street on Friday.
Respect MP George Galloway was taken to hospital with a suspected broken jaw on Friday night after being attacked in the street.
Police arrested a British man over the incident, which is believed to have been prompted by comments Galloway has made about Israel in past weeks.
The 60-year-old was posing for pictures in Notting Hill, London, on Friday evening when a man lashed out at him, his spokesman said. Galloway gave a statement to police after a man aged 39 was arrested.
"George was posing for pictures with people and this guy just attacked him, leapt on him and started punching him," his spokesman said.
"It appears to be connected with his comments about Israel because the guy was shouting about the Holocaust. George is badly bruised but OK. He has bruising to his head and face and is in pretty bad shape."
Police said Galloway was badly injured and was being treated in a London hospital, but was in a stable condition. The arrested man remains in custody.
Last week, the MP was interviewed by police under caution after he was accused of inciting racial hatred by declaring his constituency, Bradford West, an "Israel-free zone".
In a speech he gave in Leeds on 2 August he said: "We don't want any Israeli goods; we don't want any Israeli services; we don't want any Israeli academics coming to the university or the college; we don't even want any Israeli tourists to come to Bradford, even if any of them had thought of doing so."
Galloway called the police investigation into him a "monumental – and monumentally expensive – waste of police time".
Galloway was released from the hospital on Saturday morning. 39-year old Neil Masterson was charged with assaulting Galloway.  Doesn't sound Jewish to me.

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Reporter poses as German, produces video proof of 'Palestinian' and leftist Holocaust deniers

Journalist Tuvia Tenenbaum is known throughout the 'Palestinian Authority' as 'Toby.' The 'Palestinians' and the Leftist internationals were convinced that Toby really was a German and they shared their real views with him.

The video below is Hebrew only - I'm hoping to get an English subtitled version within a couple of days. But I am translating the article from Israel's Channel 2's website into English for all of you. First the video, then the article.

Let's go to the videotape.

And the translation of the article, which summarizes the video.
"The Europeans aren't really familiar with the Middle East dispute and they did not do an investigation. They are coming out of every hole here. They don't want to help, but rather to catch the Jew doing something bad. It comes from hatred," claims Tuvia Tenenbaum. "I didn't lie in this case when I presented myself as a German journalist - I wanted to know what these people think. Even if there had been a conspiracy and it had been the only way to expose the truth, I would have done it, he added.

From the beginning, "Toby" joined a group of young Italians who learned about the dispute in Schchem (Nablus) and in Israel, with funding from the European Union. But the Israeli guide, Itamar Shapira - the brother of the pilot Jonathan Shapira who refused orders and became an extreme Leftist activist - presented himself to the group as "former Jew" and said harsh things against Israel.

During a tour of Yad Vashem, Shapira chose to focus specifically on stories of the massacre at Dir Yassin [the Jenin lie of the 1948 War of Independence. CiJ] and told the young Italians that it's necessary to impose a boycott and sanctions on Israel because "we have to stop an additional Holocaust." Shapira was fired in the past from Yad Vashem after he compared the Holocaust to the Naqba [the Palestinian characterization of the creation of the State of Israel as a catastrophe. CiJ], but today he leads private groups there.

The Palestinian guide who accompanied the group was Ataf Abu Rob, a Palestinian journalist and investigator for B'Tselem who is responsible for several stories published by the [extreme Leftist Haaretz] journalist Gideon Levy. Abu Rob told "Toby" that the Holocaust is "a lie. I don't believe it."

The senior Fatah commander Jibril Rajob also opened his door after he heard about the book that "Toby" planned to publish and told him: "Israel is racist and fascist, it will be isolated like South Africa." Rajoub's close confidantes whispered to Tenenbaum "We are all German, but the only problem is that that we know that General Rommel did not succeed in coming here."

Tenenbaum's book Catch the Jew will be published this week, and he will then not be accepted as a prodigal son in the Palestinian Authority once his cover is blown.

Yad Vashem reacted: "Yad Vashem is careful that the subject of the Holocaust will be presented in detachment from any political agenda. Itamar Shapira was employed in the past as a guide in Yad Vashem and was not careful about these norms, and therefore it was decided about five years ago to terminate him [after he had worked there for three and a half years! CiJ]. Today, we allow outside guides, but we are considering changing this policy."

From B'Tselem the following reaction was received: "B'Tselem condemns any expression of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. The matter will be clarified with the investigator with the full necessary seriousness." Journalist Gideon Levy added: "I traveled to the territories a number of times over the course of the years with Atef Abu Rob. I never conducted political discussions with him and I am not aware of his views. I very much hope that Holocaust denial is not one of them.
Anyone still want to argue that anti-Zionism isn't anti-Semitism? Think about that, Leftist American and European Jews.

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Now he doesn't have to find the 'real killers,' he can call it an honor killing

Shavua tov, a good week to everyone.

O.J. Simpson can stop looking for the 'real killers' of his wife. He's converting to Islam and that means that all his sins are forgiven (Hat Tip: Jack W).
The disgraced 67-year-old star has become interested in the religion through his friendship with former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, who was imprisoned in the early 1990s and is a devout Muslim.
Simpson has been studying the Koran but failed to successfully fast during the holy month of Ramadan.
An inside said: ”O.J. didn’t quite make it through the entire fasting process.
”He cheated during the day, and bought snacks from the prison canteen. But he’s really serious about converting to Islam. O.J. even made himself a prayer rug for his prison cell. He really likes the idea that upon converting to Islam, all of his previous sins are forgiven. O.J. has a lot to be forgiven for.”
Maybe he can even just call it an honor killing. 

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